Oldest Blood Bank in Thane and Mumbai - Navjivan Blood Bank

Navjivan Blood Bank - brain child of Dr Mukesh Udani has been in existence since past 2 decades. With Blood Donation centres in Gokhale Road Thane West and also in Western Mumbai at Borivali, we aim to be one of the best Blood banks in Mumbai.

Blood is very precious and can save lives. But only if we donate our blood, can we save someones life.

Therefore at Navjivan Blood Bank Thane, we humbly request everyone to donate blood once in 3 months. It will not only help you stay fit, you can be blessed with donating your blood to someone needy. You also get many Health Benefits when you donate Blood.
Some of them being:

Many people think that Blood Donation is a tedious process. But fear not, because it is very easy.

Blood donation procedure:

Yes, Navjivan Blood Bank in Western Mumbai and Thane does charge when you donate blood.
But there are reasons for it as below:

Why does blood bank charge for a blood which is donated by someone?

We at Navjivan Blood Bank Thane sincered urge and request everyone to Donate Blood frequently.

What can YOU do to Donate Blood with a Blood bank like Navjivan?

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    Blood Donation
    Donating blood is safe and simple.
    It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete
    the blood donation process.
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    Blood Donation Process
    A healthy diet helps ensure a successful blood donation,
    and also makes you feel better!

Emergency Case

If you need a blood for any emergency, please get in touch with us at following number:
Thane: 2537 1000, 2540 0425, 2537 3333
Borivali: 2893 4122, 2893 5133
or schedule a call back at following link.

Request Blood

Our Facilities

We are open 24 x 7

  • Whole Human Blood (WB)
    Packed Red Cells (PCV)
  • Saline washed packed cells.
    Platelet Concentrate (RDP)
  • Cryoprecipitate
    Cryo Def. Plasma
  • Fresh frozen Plasma (FFP)

State of Art Blood Bank

Equipped with best technologyically advanced instruments and fully air-conditioned. Clean, neat and homely environment. Services availble 24 X 7 X 365 days

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